I know, I know

April 3, 2006 at 3:54 am (Personal thoughts)

Been running all day feels good to take a moment for my self…

My life as been a rollercoaster lately so I didn't have much time. My goal this week is to try to post eveyday and do as much of the homeworks as I can… I have been lettings things wait a lil too much lately.

lol i'd like to also fix the posts I've done so far (police, size, bold, etc).

Oh yes and thank you everyone for your feed back lol looking into it and check the comments for updates 😛

Well off to do some reading 😛


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NS101: 4 R’s

March 23, 2006 at 2:09 am (Personal journal - Homeworks)


1- When you shop, try to find products that have little or no packaging.
2- Use both sides of every sheet of paper.
3- Use a durable refillable mug or glass at school or work.
4- Wrap presents in reusable cloth bags or reused wrapping paper.
5- Use paper bags instead of plastic bags at the groceries
6- Make scrap papers book
7- Avoid purchasing disposable goods such as paper towels and disposable razors
8- Use rechargeable batteries
9- Use long-life fluorescent light bulbs
10- Rethink, “Do I really need this item?”

1- repair things rather than buying new ones.
2- use jars, tins, and plastic containers to store leftovers, bulk foods and household items.
3- buy durable, good quality products that will last.
4- Donate your old clothes or furniture to charity
5- Buy beverages in refillable containers
6- Pack your lunch in reusable containers
7- Make homemade gift wrapping with paper bags
8- Use grocerie bags as bin linner
9- buy refills in the supermarket
10- use ice cream containers for freezing our food

1- Compost!br /> 2- Put out the recycling bin everyweek
3- Recycle plastic bottles
4- Go drop cans at the groceries
5- Recycle all papers once used on both side

1- Put a no-pubicity sign on my mail box
2- by purchasing recycled and recyclable products.

Well it is incomplete… but I will add has I think or more things

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NS 101: General Nature Sciences

March 21, 2006 at 10:16 pm (Personal journal - Homeworks)

Touch Nature Part 1

Play with some animals. Feed the bird and squirrels at a park. Write about your experiences in your journal.
Hunting in Montreal
Well I tried to find an animal to play with… In Montreal it usually means squirrels, pigeons or cats. Well the few I saw all ran away lol. Not really lucky was I. I also tried finding that rabbit that runs around in the neighborhood, no luck there too, I was able to find some tracks but lost them when he decided to cross the street.
But I had another resource, my own lovable kitty, Merlin. I know that the interactions with a “wild” animal are not the same as with your own household pet. But it is still one very interesting to analyze and compared. I have been during my life the owner of only 2 cats and the relationship I’ve had with each was very different.

My first cat was Minouche. I was still very young when my mother bought her. I now realize that at that time, to me she was a very funny, fluffy moving toy. Which I can admit influenced highly on the rest of our shared life. Kids do not have an understanding that pets have a life and a will of there own, or at least I didn’t. Just like children develop there personality in the 3 first year, it is the same with cats. Sadly when we got her, we used her like a toy, and she developed a highly paranoid persona, always afraid of people getting near her. She hated being picked up because she never knew what would happen. Still she was a really good cat, loved to be in the same room, observing us from above, and would come to see us on her own terms.

When I first got Merlin, I had learn from my mistake, and seen success in a friend. I loved to pick him up but always at the first sound of complain would put him down. Form early on, I got him used to being touched at sensible areas (paws, ears, stomach) so that if he came in contact with children that are a little rough on him, he would not harm them. I also thought him to play without hurting me this way even if I forgot to cut is claws for a while we can play fight without me being afraid of getting hurt. So now, I have this great relationship with him.

Another example is my sister’s cat. Well more he boyfriend’s since he is the one who spend most time with her. My cat knows that a meow is enough for me to let him go. This week-end, they brought there cat to my moms. I just came back from the Sugar shack (I still think this sounds ridiculous) and the cat seemed fascinated with the smell of my shirt, so I picked her up. She started to smell my shirt and suddenly out of nowhere attacked me. At first I was really surprised but then I realized that at no moment had she felt threaten, nor was she especially aggressive in her attack. Only where my cat would have meowed, she attacked. All she wanted was to signal that she was ready to be put down. But since as a baby the only way her owner would let her go was when she attacked she learns that this was the proper signal. They will have a hard time changing this habit.

Guess what I learned from this experience is that all animals learn to interact with you from the way you interact with them. Another example of that: the animals at the small farm at the sugar shack. When people come in, it’s too feed them therefore they expected to be fed, and once they discovered you had nothing for them completely ignored you.

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Various thoughts

March 12, 2006 at 5:45 am (Personal thoughts)

Do I feel unbalanced?


Am I?

I really don't know. It's hard to deny that I have not had in all my life a male role model, butI have always been concious of that. I think because of that I have looked at with a more open eye toward male likes to appreciate them. I don't know many girls who like football, rpg games, computer games…

Guess I found my male balance in my activities…


I need to rethink everything… I feel like my mind is going in all directions…

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March 2, 2006 at 2:15 am (Personal thoughts)

I’ve often wondered what my mom would say if she learned of my religious faith. I’ve always been pretty open with my friends about it. Well I don’t go around dancing and screaming “I am a wiccan”, but if religion as come to subject. (which in all honesty hasn’t happen all that often) I’ve always been straight forward about it.

But my mom… and my sis as a matter of fact, are different. My mom is a walking contradiction and she is not even aware of it. She will think I joined some cult, while a lot of her personal beliefs are part of what Wicca is all about. She believes that you can send good vibes to people who are having health trouble… but don’t tell her it’s a form of healing spell. There is many other examples. I guess if I sit down with her and et her to listen to me she might accept my choice.

My sister is another problem. To her, the world is either white or black. White is everything that she is, likes and believes. Black is all the rest. We have had fights worthy of the titans during our youth because she did not understand I did not share her opinions. I’m afraid she’ll see Wicca, hear witch, and categorize me as crazy or evil. There is no changing her mind.… 

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PH 101: Introduction to Magic, Paganism & Wicca

March 2, 2006 at 12:15 am (Personal journal - Homeworks)

Defin the following for yourself

=> Magic: I see 2 kinds of magic. The first is a magician’s magic, illusion and feats to amuse the public. The second is a witch’s magic. To my understanding, it is the manipulation of the energy around you in order to obtain an goal. I agree with the belief that magic as no color other than the one the user gives it.

=> Paganism: To me it is a collletion of unorthodoxes religions that have been classified under one banner by the mainline religions of the world. From what I have come to understand so far, religions like Wicca, Satanism, druidism, etc. have all been put under all this appellation. Since all not catholique religions are seen by the Church as “devil worshipers” paganism as been viewed as an “evil” choice of religion.

=> Wicca: It is a religion that is part of paganism. It has many traditions (Faery, Dragon, eclectic, etc.), that all have common basis of practices. It is a very free religion that allows the practitioner to adapt it to it’s desire. They all follow a common rule, the Wiccan Rede: An ye harm none, do what ye will.

=> Witchcraft: It is just that, a craft. It is the art of doing something whose process is unknown to the majority, the art of manipulating energy. A witch ball, an amulet, a potion, etc. Witchcraft is closely connected to magic. A witch is not necessarily a wiccan and vice versa. 

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H&H 101 : Relaxation & Méditation

March 2, 2006 at 12:15 am (Personal journal - Homeworks)

List the things that relax you and why the relax you.

=> Celtic Knotwork: I often use them as an emergency way to relax. Doing the knots require a certain amount of concentration that takes my mind away from the cause of my stress. That gives time to my body to unwind and by the time I am done, I am relaxed and ready to get back to what I was doing.

=> Hot bath: Diving into warm water soothes the muscles and numbs my mind.

=> A walk on a windy day: Wind always had a way to blow away all my worries and make me smile.

=> Laughter: Just feels so good after a really good laugh.

=> Hot beverages: It’s not as much the drink itself  but the action to take a moment to enjoy it that relaxes me.

=> Visualization: This is an old trick that I use since I was a kid. I use to have a really hard time falling asleep, my mind clouded with thoughts of the day. So I would tell myself s story in my mind (and sometimes out loud lol) visualizing it. Then at some point in the story the main character would go to bed. I’d always fall asleep that very moment too at the same time than the character. I still use it today when sleep is elusive.

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RW 101: Journal Writting

March 1, 2006 at 7:15 pm (Personal journal - Homeworks)

Why are you here? Why do you want to learn about magic & paganism? What do you hope to gain from this progrom?

 The very short answer is: because raddmann said “I am Wiccan”. Not that I want to be like him, but those 3 words brought back to me something I had lost, my spirituality.


When I was in high school, I read The Mist of Avaon (Marion Zimmer Bradley) and remember writting in my agenda something along the line of why isn’t it like that, a God and a Goddess? To me even then it made more sense then my catholique upbringing. But at that time, it didn’t go any further then that single thought. I must admit that even if I was taking moral as a religious option in school, they never approached unorthodoxe religions. We only covered the mainline ones and even then, I don’t remember learning what they stand for, only that they existed.

I came across wicca while surfing on the net, a few years later, during college. At that moment I became an avid downloader and printer. Any site I found on the subject was quickely scanned and if I thought it was interesting kept for futur reference. I also started to read a few books on the subject. I quickly became overloaded with information. It was also about that time that I discovered the Magical Blend and the MPRC.

I then became involved a little in the community and participated to a few events. But then, with my entrance in the university, my illness and my departure for England, my spirituality was saddly put at the bottom of my priority list and soon after completly forgotten. To a point where my friend saying he was a wiccan was like a slap on the face to me.

During my first year looking into wicca, I had come across Crescent Moon School and I realised that this was what I needed. Structurized information and support from teachers. Also to find myself with others that are embarking on the same quest as I am is very stimulating. I hope to find my spirituality that I had lost.

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So far

February 25, 2006 at 8:30 am (Personal thoughts)

I am sad that I missed the first class but it’s not too bad. We revised it quickly during the second class.

 It’s hard to get back in the “study mode”, it requires a lot of self-discipline. I have been use to pushing back things so much lately it’s hard to suddenly find myself with deadlines. I haven’t caught up with the readings yet but I should be able to do so this week-end.

So far it hasn’t been too hard. A lot of the things covered I had already approached when I first looked into Wicca. But meditation and energy works was something I had always dreaded looking into. I had always believed it was impossible for me to meditate. I had never made the link with the relaxation techniques I had learned as a kid. It’s funny how I never associated the two. To me meditation was only trying to emtpy your mind. I never knew about the existence of guided meditation. Makes sence they said it was a Relaxation class for kids. Not many people would send there children to a meditation class.

I have always known sencing energy was not goign to be a problem for me. After all my personal feild as always been really sensible. lol I remember days in high school where I couldn’t be near Kate. But still that exercice we did was amaizing… and weird. I was pretty surprised when my arm went numb like that. Wonder why, maybe I could look it up on the net, but I doubt I’d find anything, Hobbes did say that it’s diffent for everyone. Maybe that’s just the way I feel it.

Grounding and centering was actually harder for me. During the second class, it really felt as though I had chosen where my center was and just forced all the energy to gather there. Could maybe explain why I had such a hard time feeling Scarlet’s sheild.

I should really do some work on that. I still don’t understand why I came up with this weird visualisation for grounding just before the class this week. But it sure seem to work better than the time before. I have to see is an ancre means anything… Well after all, an ancre is what grounds a boath. But where did such a visualisation came from? Well it might be because of Gaele and all her talk about her sailing class. But why would it work so well?

Hobbes did talk about how the tree analogy didn’t work for him since he never was a tree, and didn’t know how it feels to have roots. Shouldn’t the ancre means something to me if it works…

 Lol we talked about not being about to shut the rational brain out, always passing things as a coincidence. Isn’t what I’m just the exact contrary, wanting absoluty this visualisation to have a deeper meaning when it might just be that it’s an efficient imagery for me?


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